Kyu is the web's first MMA webcomic. Dedicated to all lovers of martial arts and MMA in particular, it features the high-kicking, bone-crushing adventures of its titular hero. The cast is:

Kyu is a Mixed Martial Artist fighting with the UFC. A lifelong student of the deadliest fighting arts, he is courageous and honorable, but also impulsive and easily distracted by beautiful women. Though his impetuousness often gets him into trouble, he usually fights on the right side.
Sensei Gobi is Kyu's teacher, MMA coach and mentor. He adopted Kyu as a child and keeps his young protege on the straight and narrow with his wisdom, kindness and patience. Especially patience. He finds that mentoring Kyu requires superhuman amounts of patience.
Joe is Kyu's long-suffering manager and friend. The business brains behind Kyu's successful MMA career, he finds himself keeping the loose ends of Kyu's life tied up while trying to keep his client focused on fighting.

Motmaitre is me, the creator of the comic. I'm the one to blame for everything. I'm a martial artist, comic artist, and business school type. I think too much, as my occasional blog posts reveal. You can email me here to lodge your complaints.